Tacos de Carnitas with Salsa Macha

Adding salsa macha to a taco de carnitas changes it from delicious to sublime.  I especially like it with a little mayo on the taco and garnished with fresh cilantro leaves.  You can make these tacos with either corn or flour tortillas, but I tend to like them better with the flour ones. 

Serves 2


4 flour tortillas 

1 cups of warmed carnitas, store bought or home made

2 tbsp of Alma’s salsa macha 

2 tbsp of full fat mayonnaise 

½ cup of Cliantro leaves 


Heat the tortillas on a griddle about 5 seconds per side until warm.  Place ¼ cup of carnitas on each tortilla and roll into a soft taco.  Continue to warm on the griddle.

Once it is warm, open up the tortilla and place ½ tbsp of salsa macha on each taco, along with ½ tbsp of mayo. 

Add the fresh cilantro leaves, and enjoy.