Our story

About Alma Mexican Foods

Alma means soul in Spanish, and we believe that salsas are the real soul of Mexican cooking.  As Mexicans, salsas flow through our veins and we are wild about them.  We always add salsas to whatever we are about to eat.  They are accommodating and versatile and can come charred, fried, pureed, mashed, chopped or raw, with endless variations.  They can be the foundation of a dish or the final  touch to turn a meal from delicious to sublime.   There is a world of salsas that people outside Mexico have yet to taste and experience.  Alma was created to bring these flavors to you.   



The Salsas and Guacamole

Our mission is to make artisanal salsas that will allow you to experience the flavor of real Mexican food.  They are created by hand  using fresh and simple ingredients and are made in small batches. The flavor is completely different from the salsas you can buy at the store, which are full of preservatives and sugar.  Our ingredients are carefully selected from local farmers and they never contain any preservatives or sweeteners.  Now you can experience the taste of a real traditional salsa without having to travel to Mexico.