• The Flavor of Real Mexican Food

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Our Story


The Salsas


I don’t have words to express how divine and heavenly her salsas are. They are so flavorful and delicious, and she makes it with pure love. Lorenza’s salsas have become a staple at our place; my kids will top their food with her salsa Macha, which is truly to die for. Her guacamole is the highlight of all our get togethers. You should try everything, this is one decision, I guarantee, you will never regret.

Manisha N, Westport

"Alma’s Guacamole is a mastery of the craft with a perfect mix of freshness, flavor, and zest! With every dip, you can taste the perfectly ripened avocado and the freshness of lime, cilantro, and tomatoes with a dash of spice! A feast for your eyes and your taste buds!

Shoba M., Westport

"My family is always so excited to get our weekly selection from Alma.  We use the salsas and guacamole for snacking and the cooked greens salsa  as a shortcut for enchiladas and tacos."

Carol B., Greenwich

We absolutely love Lorenza’s salsas!  As my sister, who is in the food business said – this is the best salsa I have ever eaten!  We like them all but each have our favorite and eat them with eggs, avocado toast, shrimp or just chips!  And the Macha – for those who like spicy – is something truly special. The mix of the spice with the nuts is truly delicious and something you have probably never tasted!

Sue N., Westport

"I've had the absolute fortune of being Lorenza's neighbor for the past few years. Aside from getting to know such an incredibly warmhearted person, I've also been introduced to some of the best food I've ever had! Her salsa macha paired with bread is my favorite afternoon snack and her guacamole is my favorite party appetizer. There isn't a single meal of hers less than delectable--I'm always so excited and grateful to try what she makes!"

Neha N., Westport